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Choose your next path and LEVEL UP!


Finding your purpose

Why are YOU even here? Like what are YOU doing, RIGHT now, on THIS Planet? I doubt it was to get a 401k, so let's unpack all the bullshit and light that fire inside of you again.

Peeking behind the veil

Ever wonder if there's MORE? What if ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, the babadook... what if it's all REAL?

Well I can't show you ALL those things, but I can show you how to start peeling back the illusions in your own life. 

Healing from Trauma and overcoming problems

Ever get STUCK on the SAME problems? The SAME shit going on? There's a lesson there that you're missing, or maybe something from the past that hasn't fully healed. Whatever that is, we'll find it and root it out, and create a tailored approach to get you to the next level.

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