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Clifftop Yoga

Ready for lasting change?


The best of your life is waiting for YOU.

To drop the habits and beliefs that keep you stuck in groundhog day.

The endless cycles of distraction and cheap dopamine hits take a toll. Mostly, on our dreams.

Regain your peace of mind, and your drive to thrive.

Level up your mindset, level up your life!


New Years resolutions don't work


There is no better time than RIGHT NOW to completely change the person that you are.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of clarity, awareness, and self love!


Why Souls On Fire?

Experience and dedication

With years of experience in the customer service industry, and years of providing creative solutions for clients, we are motivated by only one thing. Your Success.
If you don't win, we don't win.


Your growth, for your path

Sure, we have a general system of approach that we apply for each client, but no two paths are the same.

Every session, meeting, and growth-work outline is individualized to YOU.


"Jack of all trades, master of none, is often better than a master of one."

Look, I'm going to level with you.

Most of what we teach is available for free all over the internet. The biggest names you've ever heard of, to the biggest names you've never heard of; we have spent years and years digesting what's working with folks, and curating the most effective exercises and approaches to help get you to that next level.

We bring the value to YOU, based on YOUR path, YOUR circumstances, and your simplest route to the best version of you.

Dillon M, CO

"Aaron was the bridge that took me from an intangible understanding of intention to a tangible one. After a simple demonstration and two weeks of a simple practice he showed me, my intentions of money flowing in resulted in my income more than doubling."

Start Today!

Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone and become to best version of yourself?

Ready to join thousands of others who have conquered their minds and taken control of their lives?

Thank you for your application! One of our staff will reach out soon to discuss next steps!



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Dare to see what's possible for you, and level up.

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