If you've ever played a video game that allowed you to upgrade your character, you'll know that in order to level up, you have to get experience. 

To get experience, you have to go on quests. 

Some are much harder than others.

Some of those quests and that experience, kills our character, and we have to do the whole thing over. You repeat that level until you learn the lesson.

You have to learn HOW to get past that level. There's a special move, or timed attack, that allows you to move on, defeat the boss, or find a special way around.

I invite you to imagine for a moment that our "suffering" in life works much the same way. What if by finding the LESSON in whatever scenario happened in the past, or is happening now, causes a shift in your life steering you in a COMPLETELY new direction?

What if you met someone who played the same game and already went through the levels, and even knew a lot of the secret passages?

How fast could you get past those levels?


If you applied that analogy to your life, how quickly could you get through your shadow work if you had someone with much experience in THOSE levels?

If you could radically change where you are in even a month's time from now, what is that worth to you?

What's the cost if you don't?

It is my honor to help others quickly heal the wounds of their past, discover their gifts, and watch as they completely change their lives to be on their terms, choosing their own journey. 

Dillon M, CO

"Aaron was the bridge that took me from an intangible understanding of intention to a tangible one. He also selflessly volunteered his time on 4 occasions to do a healing practice for my chronically ill girlfriend, and shared profound and personal experiences.
Aaron had great respect for our different backgrounds. Contrary to most, he shared his understanding of spirituality and law of intention in a way that I could relate to.  After a simple demonstration and two weeks of a simple practice he showed me, my intentions of money flowing in resulted in my income more than doubling."

Mary M, OH

"I just wanted to say thank you. You have no idea how much you have already influenced my life. I am so damn excited for the future! There are few people in my life who have made me feel they were a part of changing the course of my life, and I feel that you are now one of them. I look forward to many years of learning from you and having you as a guide and mentor in the spiritual and plant world."

Nicole J, WI

"Working with Aaron has had a profound impact on my life from business and marketing, to child rearing and relationships. I have worked with many different coaches over the years and Aaron has a unique and magnetic energy and passion that is palpable and real. His depth of experience, charisma, and ability to cut to the chase and relay information in a clear and concise manner that's easy to comprehend and quickly to integrate caused 'real life' shift in my awareness, beliefs, and choices, results in swift and tangible results. If you're really ready to upgrade your life, Aaron is the man."

My Journey

From growing up in a religious cult, getting thrown out of home for not drinking the koolaid before 18, joining the Marine Corps and serving overseas, to raising a family through the ghosts of my past and learning how to conquer them. I've had a jam packed experience ride in this life.


Along this journey, I've found that these hardships gave me wisdom.

They gave me TOOLS.


They TAUGHT me.


But it wasn't until I started to APPLY the LESSONS that I really started to CHANGE.


That's when LIFE started to CHANGE.

 ...but only after I changed how I approached the LESSON


When we apply those lessons, we LEVEL UP. Just like Mario learning how to beat the Hammer Bros and moving to the next challenge, that's kind of how life works. 

The VALUE I bring to you is many years of varying hardships, years of soul searching and building myself to be something different, followed by years of learning from masters and practitioners in a wide variety of schools. I've learned from those who utilize advanced technology, sound, to Shipibo Shaman of the Amazon Jungle, or Eastern teachings of Qi.


This gives me a number of tools and techniques to help people shift their mindset and life direction. My gift and my goal is to help those who WANT CHANGE to get past whatever level they're stuck on. 

We've all got "those things" in our lives. Something happened, something went wrong, people got hurt. Whatever level you're on is a tough one, or maybe it was a level that you went through a while ago. Wherever you are, I meet you where you are and help you level up. 

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